The course was so incredibly stronger and so inner depth. I have spiritually awaken and opened up. I am happy that have had an opportunity to do my teacher training at sivasoorya ashram India. The staff was so amazing showed me their kindness and hospitality. Raviji is a exemptional yoga teacher. He taught me so much more than I could have imagined. Thanks once again all team of Sivasoorya Ashram.



The Ytt course was most beautiful, powerful and magical month of my life is over. I am so happy that I chose this course and it was my right discussion and right place. Each and every teachers are best and the most beautiful location, in front of Arabian Sea. I learned what is spiritually, what is the meaning of the life, my ignorance vanished out, I am totally a reborn human being. It was so gratitude to Raviji and his wonderful team.



The course was so wonderful, Raviji was a strict and well-disciplined yoga Guru. The staff of Ashram was so kind and generous, they care, love and joy, the food was excellent. The spiritual tour to Kanniyakumari was a unforgettable day in my life. Thank you so much to Sivasoorya team for such an amazing experience and I attained so much valuable knowledge about life theory, heart and soul, connected with universe, yogic life and philosophy thank you my incredible teachers.



The Yttc was well structured .The Ashram is beautiful, clean, neat and traditionally designed and well maintained, the sattvic food was clean and healthy. The multiple styles of the asana practice was amazing especially Kalloori yoga is a wonderful yoga practice, I improve my stamina and strength in my body, the loving culture of the entire staff and teachers. I enjoyed the silence day (mauna), I attained a great control over my tongue, also purified my mind to a deeper level.



I recommended this course to all yoga lovers in the world. Well discipled yoga course with an authentic yoga ashram in India . I experienced my-self how to dive deep into myself and reconnect to myself, how to surrender and open my heart. The philosophy class with Swamy Sreekumar were a really life changing experience. I cannot forget this divine experience forever in my life. I am so happy to have chosen this program and thank you once again all the staff of Ashram and Raviji.


Czech Republic

The 200 hours ytt is absolutely excellent from the very beginning, everything was absolutely perfect there is no difficulty at all. All staff of ashram created a very friendly atmosphere. I felt very safe and secure and they had always time to help me. Very gentle teaching and instruction, they have ability to connect all the students. There was sufficient course material and content. Living at the ashram was a retreat. I learned many life changing philosophy which I am going to implement into my whole life.