Meet our Yoga Guru

Without looking more into the bibliography, Guru Raviji is mentioned to be called as the most inspirational guru in the world of yoga and the best yoga teacher in India. Over the past 30 years, his contribution to Yoga and intense philosophical knowledge and wisdom is countless and proved to be the most respected and deserved Guru to educate and instruct Yoga and its forms in precise ways. His contribution in developing Kalloori Yoga enriched with high potential and importance in the Yoga forms has gained great fame and demand in Yoga. His extensive and self-developed knowledge has made Guru Raviji, the best teacher to teach Kalloori Yoga worldwide.

Counting less number of Yogic Gurus in the world, the stage with the presence of Guru Raviji is precious and the same reason has made Guruji get invited to conduct workshops, seminars, and training courses in the field of Yoga, around the world. With the great excellence in Yoga has made Guru Raviji the most eligible person to adorn the position of General Secretary of Yoga Teachers Association, South India. At Sivasoorya  Ashram, the most valuable and attractive feature is the guidance given by Guru Raviji and the teachers who are trained under him made our Ashram the best place to practice Yoga.


Master Mukil

Yoga Teacher

Master Nikhil

Yoga Teacher

Swami Sree Kumar

Philosophy Teacher

Dr. Sariga

Ayurveda and Yoga Anatomy

Dr. Vandhana

Yogic Nutritionist and Anatomy